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Use Endnote to manage your references and format your bibliography

Create a Group

You can organise your references into groups in whatever way is most convenient for you: by subject area, unit code, project etc.

  1. To create a new group, either click on Groups > Create Group from the top toolbar, or right-click on 'My Groups' in the left-hand sidebar and select Create Group

  2. Give your group a name and press Enter
  3. Drag-and-drop references  from the main list on to the group name to add them to the group. (or Right Click .. Add to Group)
  4. NB a reference can be added to multiple groups

Create a Smart Group

Smart Groups will collect together all the references in your library that match the set of criteria you provide. For example, you could create a smart group on themes or topics 

  • Example:  References that contain a particular keyword will automatically go into a group