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Use Endnote to manage your references and format your bibliography

Insert a Citation in Word


To insert a Citation into Word document

1. Have your EndNote Library open
2. Open the Word document, position your cursor in the document where you want an in-text citation
3. Go to the opened EndNote library, highlight the reference(s) in your library

4. In EndNote, click on the Insert Citation icon  or use the shortcut keys [Alt 2]

You are taken to the Word document, where the in-text citation is inserted and a bibliography entry is instantly formatted at the end of the document according to the Output Style you have chosen.

Alternatively come back to the Word document and hit "Insert selected Citation"


Note: Inserting multiple references? Within the EN library, use the CONTROL key to highlight multiple references prior to inserting the citations into Word.


To insert a citation:

  1. Open your EndNote Library containing your references
  2. Open the Word document. 
  3. From the Word EndNote toolbar, click 'Insert Citation'
  4. Use the Find function to locate your reference - you can search by title, author or any of the information in that reference record
  5. Select the reference you want and click Insert
  6. Your reference will be inserted in the text, formatted according to your selected style. If this is the first time you cite this particular reference, an entry for the bibliography will also be added to the end of your document.