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Use Endnote to manage your references and format your bibliography

Sync your library with EndNote Online

EndNote Online enables you to use the same EndNote library from anywhere, and to work across multiple devices.

Syncing your desktop library to EndNote Online the first time:

  • Have your EndNote Library open,
  • Click on Edit... Preferences.. click on Sync on the left side menu

Click on 'Enable Sync' and follow the instructions, to register for EndNote Online account.

Sync your library to another computer or device

After you have set up the EndNote Online account, and synced your original library with EndNote Online, 

To sync to a second computer:

  • [Have the EndNote application installed on the second computer ready to begin.. ]
  • File> New..  Create and Open a brand new empty EN library on the second computer, with the same file name as the library on your original computer.
  •  Click Sync button
  • A dialogue box appears, enter your EN online account details when prompted. [Click 'Yes' if asked to merge libraries]
  • The Sync will begin. 
  • When finished, the progress bar will disappear, and the empty library will be populated with the references from EndNote Online.
  • Use Sync Status button to check the progress of the sync.


Online class recording about Syncing from Clarivate training

Resetting local sync

Resetting sync prepares your online library account for linking to a new desktop library.
Required for collaborative concurrent sharing with a new desktop library.
Ensure your current desktop library is up-to-date with the online library by completing a final sync (Tools drop down >  Sync)
Back up (compress) your desktop library before removing the sync and emptying your online account.

  • Have your EndNote Library open
  • Click on Edit... Preferences..
  • Click on Sync on the left side menu
  • Remove the email address and password
  • Click OK

Emptying an online library

  • login to your EndNote online library
  • In My References menu link, click All checkbox
  • Click Delete button. You will be given a warning message, then click OK
  • References go into the Trash group
  • Click on Empty button next to the Trash
  • Sign out of EndNote online account