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Use Endnote to manage your references and format your bibliography

What are Term Lists?

Term lists are used to suggest words from a standard list as you type, similar to a predictive text "look-up" table. 

Your EndNote library has its own set of term lists:

  • Journals - used to handle Journal Title abbreviations as required in some disciplines, e.g. medical, or by some publications
  • Authors
  • Keywords

Term lists for Authors, Journal titles and Keywords are created as you type or import data into the relevant fields. You notice EndNote searching and offering terms from term lists as you enter words in Journal, Author, and Keyword fields.

Journals Term Lists

When you install EndNote on your computer, journal term list text files for different disciplines are installed but not linked to your EndNote library.

For example, on a Windows computer on the C drive: Programs > EndNote > Term Lists folder

Term list files in EndNote

An example of the journal terms in a file

Journal terms in the EndNote journal text files


EndNote labels each variant journal title as:  Full Journal  -  Abbreviation 1 - Abbreviation 2 - Abbreviation 3

Term lists text file displayed in EndNote





Overview of using Journal Term Lists

  1. If you have already created a library with journal references, a journal term list has been created as well. This journal term list must be deleted and some settings changed before importing the fresh Term List.
  2. Import the EndNote journal term list and link to your EndNote library
  3. In your desired output style to be used, select the appropriate form of journal title to be used (Full Journal - Abbreviation 1 - Abbreviation 2) matching the journal terms list

Instructions to set up Journal Term Lists