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Use Endnote to manage your references and format your bibliography

Combining thesis chapters

How to combine thesis chapters

Many students who are writing a thesis keep each chapter as a separate Word document with

EndNote creating a bibliography in each document. The steps below detail how to create a single

document and bibliography from separate chapter documents.

Step 1. Copy each chapter

Make a copy of each chapter, e.g. chapter1-copy.doc; chapter2-copy.doc. You will work with

these copies. If something goes wrong, you can return to your original documents and start again.

Step 2. Unformat citations

If you have been using EndNote's instant formatting, your references will already be formatted,

for example (Smith, 1999), and you will have a bibliography at the end of each chapter.

Open each document (chapter1-copy.doc, etc.) in Word, and from the EndNote menu in Word

select the Convert Citations and Bibliography>>>Convert to Unformatted Citations command.

(In earlier versions of EndNote, use the Unformat Citations command.) This will remove the

bibliography at the end of each chapter and change the references in the text into their

unformatted form, for example {Smith, 1999 #13}. Save these changes.

Step 3. Combine the chapters

Open chapter1-copy.doc in Word. Then open chapter2-copy.doc and select the whole document

(Ctrl+A), copy it and paste it at the end of chapter1-copy.doc.

Continue copying and pasting each chapter at the end of chapter1-copy.doc, until the whole thesis

is in one document.

Rename chapter1-copy.doc to thesis-master.doc. This is the master copy of your thesis, and any

subsequent changes should be made to this document. Save this document.

Step 4. Format citations in the thesis

Open thesis-master.doc in Word. From the EndNote menu in Word select the Update Citations

and Bibliography command. (In earlier versions of EndNote, use the Format Bibliography

command.) EndNote will format all the references in your document and create a single

bibliography at the end of the thesis. Save the changes.

Note: Unformatting the citations (at Step 2 above) disables the instant formatting in Word. If you

prefer to work with instant formatting, go to the Bibliography Preferences by clicking on the

small arrow at the very bottom of the Bibliography group on the EndNote menu in Word, and

then select the Instant Formatting tab and click on the Turn On button. (In earlier versions of

EndNote, access the Instant Formatting tab via the Format Bibliography command.)

Step 5. Remove field codes (Final step before submitting thesis)

Your thesis-master.doc contains hidden field codes which link it to EndNote. The final step before
submitting your thesis is to  is to

create a copy which is not linked to EndNote. From the EndNote menu in Word select the

Convert Citations and Bibliography>Convert to Plain Text command. (In earlier versions of

EndNote, use the Remove Field Codes command.)

This will create a copy of your thesis which is no longer linked to EndNote. Save this copy as

thesis-unlinked.doc. This is the copy which you should submit. This is not your master copy.

Any changes must be made to thesis-master.doc.

If you need to make changes to your thesis, make them in thesis-master.doc and then use the

Remove Field Codes command to make a new copy of thesis-unlinked.doc.