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Use Endnote to manage your references and format your bibliography

Sharing overview

There are 3 ways to share an EndNote library. Each way requires one "admin" team member to oversee the shared library.
Note: You cannot share and use a desktop library on cloud services such as OneDrive or iCloud. The library will become corrupted.

Desktop (concurrent) sharing requires the "admin" to have an active EndNote Online account
Online (concurrent) requires "admin" and collaborators to have an active EndNote Online account

 YouTube clip on the different ways to concurrently share a library

Sharing methods

  • Maximum of 100 collaborators
  • Each collaborator needs and works within the EndNote desktop program, preferably versions X9.3 and above
  • Administrator sets read/write privileges for each collaborator. Potential for collaborators to change and delete references
  • Sharing with non UTAS collaborators may cause publication licensing infringements with access to .pdf attachments
  • Recommended for the administrator to have a new desktop library for the collaborative project

If the administrator wants to use a new library, the administrator must reset the sync and empty an existing EndNote Online account ready for collaboration.

  • Back up (compress) your existing desktop library so you can reinstate references to the online account after the project ceases
  • Reset the sync so you can link a new EndNote library to the online account

View the YouTube clip on sharing a desktop library


  • Open the desktop library
  • Click on the Share library icon   EndNote Share library icon (or File drop down > Share...)
  • From the Sharing screen, add the email addresses of the collaborators and the read/write privileges
  • Collaborator will have a Pending status. Status changes to Member when the collaborator accepts the email invitation
  • Close window


  • Receive and accept an email invitation to view the desktop library
  • Collaborators open their EndNote program
  • File drop down > Open Shared Library...
  • Select the email address of the administrator / library owner
  • Click Open

Administrator make a compressed EndNote library for emailing to collaborators.
Use EndNote version X9.3 and above

  • Does not require syncing to an online library
  • Unlimited number of collaborators
  • Compressed library can be added to cloud server but collaborators MUST open and use the library on their own local computer drives
  • Option to compress a group of references in the library instead of the complete desktop library
  • Option to remove attachments from the compressed library to ensure compliance with publication licensing
  • Collaborators must use the latest version of the library and provide any changes to the library to the administrator

Compressing a library instructions

Uses the EndNote Online platform to share references from a desktop library. Collaborators use a group of references from the online library. The administrator continues to use the desktop library and collaborators only see the shared references using the online account.

  • 1,000 collaborators to the group of references
  • Collaborators each need an EndNote Online account. Collaborators who are currently non-EndNote users can create an EndNote Online account
  • Administrator sets read only  / read & write privileges for each collaborator, so collaborators with write access can add, change or remove references
  • Collaborators do not get access to the .pdf attachments


  • Open the desktop library
  • Create a group of references to be shared (this group will show in your EndNote online account)
  • Click on the sync icon   EndNote sync icon   to update the EndNote Online library (Tools drop down > Sync)
  • Help drop down menu >  EndNote online
  • Login in to your EndNote Online account
  • Click on Organize and click Manage My Groups from the sub-menu

EndNote Online Organize menu showing Manage My Groups


  • From the group list, click the checkbox in the Share column and click Manage Sharing

EndNote Online Manage Groups list


  • Click link, Start sharing this group
  • Type in each email address of a collaborator and set the read only  or read & write privilege. Click Apply
  • Repeat for each collaborator

EndNote Online adding email addresses of collaborators for sharing


  • login to the EndNote online account, or create an EndNote Online account
  • In EndNote Online account, the shared group will appear in the Group list