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Use Endnote to manage your references and format your bibliography

Find full text of references

If you have the reference details for a journal, but not the full text, EndNote can search the UTas library to find a pdf.  This is called the Find Fulltext Feature.  



  • It helps if the DOI is somewhere in the EndNote reference
  • This only works if the Library subscribes to the fulltext

Follow the directions below to configure EndNote preferences to make best use of this feature.

Configure EndNote to Find Full text

For the Find Full Text feature to work in the university setting,  add these pathways into your EndNote preferences. 
Edit menu>> Preferences>> Find Fulltext 

The EndNote Find Fulltext preferences should be set as the following:

The OpenURL Path is:   

and the authentication URL is: 

It is optional to click the checkbox Automatically invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references.
Clicking the checkbox will allow the automatic attaching of .pdf documents to the downloaded references. It may slow down the importing of references.