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Open Access

Guide developed for RMP Elements and OAR Figshare

Open Access Repository Statistics

Open Access Repository (OAR) statistics - known issue update

Very recently we discovered figshare had enabled bots which conflated all Open Access Repository statistics.  The bots’ statistics have now been removed as they skewed individual author item statistics plus repository statistics reported to external organisations. Open Access Repository items now reflect human initiated statistics only.

Please email if you need further information.

Open Access Repository - global discovery and access to UTAS research 

The UTAS Open Access Repository (OAR) has migrated to the figshare platform and is integrated with the new research management platform, Elements

All ERA eligible research outputs, HDR theses and unpublished grey scholarly literature previously discoverable in Open Access Repository and our former OAR platform Open Access Repository, will be discoverable in the new integrated Elements/ figshare Platform.


What outputs are discoverable in OAR


Supporting F.A.I.R research 

  • Every OAR record is assigned a persistent identifier, either a Handle or Digital Object Identifier, ensuring long term discovery and correct citation

  • All records assigned a licence or rights statement ensuring proper attribution, sharing and reuse

  • A Cover sheet is attached to digital file on download, ensuring proper citation and use and the link to any published version.  Attaching the cover sheet on download ensures Google and other crawler indexing is unaffected.


Enhancing discovery and impact

  • Indexed by Google Scholar, Google Books and syndicated to global open access portals improving research exposure 

  • Tracked usage statistics, including views, downloads, citations, and Altmetrics