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Open Access

Guide developed for RMP Elements and OAR Figshare

How can I make my NTRO open access in the OAR?

Many NTRO digital representations contain multiple copyright owners which presents challenges to making the deposited creative work openly accessible in the OAR.

Researchers wishing to make their NTRO or a version of their NTRO openly accessible in OAR need to,

  1. Identify third party copyright and obtain a written licence to digitise and publish from all creators/ copyright owners of material within the NTRO digital representation, or explore creating a digital representation of their NTRO specifically for open access
  2. Keep a Copyright log detailing obtained copyright owner licences 
  3. Add "OA_version" in the digital file's name, before depositing the NTRO digital representation for OA in Elements
  4. Select your chosen Creative Commons Licence,if you have obtained all owners licence/s to do so.  Alternately, select the In Copyright statement when depositing the NTRO digital representation for OA in Elements.

A Digital Object Identifier enabling metrics will be minted when the NTRO digital representation is made open in OAR

For intellectual property or copyright assistance email the University Copyright Officer 

Copyright permission and licence resources

Identify third party copyright and obtain the copyright owner's declaration and licence 

Identify copyright owners 

Use the CALE creative work & design copyright guide to help you identify third party copyright in your NTRO.  If you need advice, please contact the University Copyright Officer 

Copyright Tools & Risk table

The Copyright Tools & Risk table below, provides further information to assist NTRO researchers obtain permission from copyright owners.   If you need advice, please contact the University Copyright Officer 

Copyright tool Risk level Explanation
Sample CALE permission letter  medium risk Personal correspondence.  Letter includes legal terminology but relies on the copyright owner declaration being correct.   Standard method researchers use to approach potential copyright owners. There is risk that the responder is unaware of third party copyright material in their work and they are providing a declaration and licence for materials they do not own.
Licence to Digitise and Publish low risk

Formal plain-English licence, which provides the copyright owner with detailed information about the licence and declaration they are signing.  Not witnessed and signed by all parties.

Licence Deed to Digitise and Publish very low -  no risk

Formal Legal deed agreement between the University and copyright owner.

A deed has the least risk to the University as is completely binding.  Please contact the University Copyright Officer. or  University Legal Officer to discuss and obtain. 

Request an Author addendum prior to signing the publisher's author agreement. low risk
Author Addendum

To retain rights enabling you to: deposit your publication or a small section of the accepted final author version in the OAR.. Please contact the University Copyright Officer for assistance.

Here are some examples:

Copyright permission and licence resources

Further resources 

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