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Current Agreements

Read & Publish Agreements - You Publish, We Pay


 Title list for Read & Publish Agreements (CAUL)


The title list is the source of truth for current Read & Publish (R&P) agreements between publishers and Council of Australian University Libraries (CAUL)

It's possible to filter the title list to show only those publishers with whom UTAS has a deal, and to limit it to the specific titles included (noting that some publishers include only a subset of their full title lists). For example, Sage titles included in the 2023 agreements:

Note: Please remember to also visit individual publisher pages in the CAUL guide, to be aware of further details of the agreement, such as if there are quotas, and progressive use of these; limited article types; discount rather than full APC-waiver etc. 

Current UTAS Library agreements 

What are Read & Publish Agreements?

What are Read & Publish Agreements?

Read & Publish agreements provide authors with the opportunity to publish OA immediately upon acceptance, free from any transactional Article Processing Charges (APCs). These arrangements have also been called “transformative agreements”.

Most Read & Publish agreements negotiated between Australian Universities and traditional publishers are being managed by the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL). A a few are being managed directly by University of Tasmania Library. Agreements cover the cost of author APCs for participating institutions.

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How they work

How do Read & Publish agreements work?

From one publisher to another, agreements can vary quite considerably: some have quotas on the number of waived APCs, some include all journals and others include a limited range of journals or article types, and some require Creative Commons licences (e.g. CC-BY) etc.

Reference to the CAUL Read & Publish Agreements guide is essential for keeping track of Read & Publish deals and includes the consolidated journal title list for all agreements

Tip: as a corresponding author, you need to use your institutional email address to aid the CAUL approval process


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Publishing workflow

General publishing workflow 

In general, the submission process for articles in journals included in Read & Publish agreements will look something like this: