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Open Access

Guide developed for RMP Elements and OAR Figshare

Deposit Non-traditional Research Outputs in Elements for discovery in OAR

The OA Procedure requires researchers to deposit their, non-traditional research output (NTRO) metadata and a NTRO digital representation in Elements.  The minimum requirement is that NTRO metadata is made discoverable in the Open Access Repository (OAR) however, where possible, please deposit a digital representation version of your output that can be made openly accessible.

Deposit NTRO in Elements 

  1. Create a metadata record for your NTRO following the How to manually claim research outputs instructions.

    1. In the Add a new research output screen, select the output type that best describes your NTRO output, i.e. Original Creative Work, Recorded/ Rendered Work, Live Performance, Curated Exhibition or Report

    2. Select Assign DOI to request a DataCite DOI for unpublished reports (note: all creative works made open in the University research repository are automatically assigned a DataCite DOI)
  2. Follow the Deposit a research output from Elements into OAR to deposit your NTRO Digital Representation or Report.  Please apply the appropriate Creative Commons licence, or In Copyright statement from the licence drop down list

  3. Once deposited, the Library's OA assessment team reviews the NTRO digital representation output file for any third party copyright prior to making discoverable in the OAR.

See Manage your research outputs ( for more information.

DOIs and NTROs

The Library automatically mints a DOI for accessible ERA reportable NTROs. 

Unpublished grey literature deposited in the Open Access Repository via Elements are assigned DataCIte DOIs on request. To request a DataCite DOI follow these instructions