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Open Access

Guide developed for RMP Elements and OAR Figshare

Deposit an Open Access research output in Elements for access in OAR

UTAS Open Access Procedure supports, but does not require, researchers to publish outputs in Gold Open Access publications

If you have published in an OA journal deposit in Elements is easy.

  1. Every OA article has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) assigned by the OA journal publisher, you will usually find the DOI hyperlink on the OA article PDF.  
  2. In Elements Deposit section, copy the OA article's DOI and paste the DOI in the 'Add OA location" tab as indicated below and select 'Save location'.

3. Select the licence from the dropdown menu that has been assigned and appears on the OA article

4. Select Deposit

Once deposited, the Library's OA assessment team reviews publisher copyright and licencing information before making discoverable in the OAR.


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