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Referencing and assignment writing: Reports, Policy briefs, Media releases

Reports, Policy Briefs, Media Releases




Reports are often written, authorised or commissioned by a group or an organisation - a group author. The information required for a reference, such as the name of the author, date, etc, is usually easily located in printed works. It can be found on the cover and/or the title page. On websites or web pages, it might not always be the case, and it may be necessary to check other places such as the "About us", the "Copyright" or the "Acknowledgements" page/s.

Always spell out the full name of a group author in the References list. In-text, spell out the full name in the first instance, followed by an abbreviation. If there are multiple agencies involved apply the standard APA rules for multiple authors, i.e. separate them with commas and use the ampersand (&) between the second-last and last name.

If the author is the same as the publisher, omit the publisher information. Note the difference 

Follow the standard APA citation formula of Who. (When). What. Where. 


(Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation [CSIRO] & Australian Bureau of Meteorology [ABOM], 2015)     


.....Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABOM, 2015)....

Reference list:

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation & Australian Bureau of Meteorology. (2015).  Climate change in Australia: Information for Australia’s natural resource management regions: Technical report TechnicalReport_WEB.pdf


Policy briefs, issue briefs

Briefs are intended to stimulate debate or persuade the target audience of an issue in a clear and succinct manner. They are generally numbered but is there is no number it is helpful to identify the publication as a policy/issue brief in square brackets after the title.

Follow the standard APA citation formula of Who. (When). What. Where. 


(Centre for Community Child Health [CCCH], 2018)      OR      ...Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH, 2018)...

Reference list:

Centre for Community Child Health. (2018). Place-based collective impact: An Australian response to childhood vulnerability (Policy Brief No. 30). Murdoch Children’s Research Institute/The Royal Children’s Hospital.

Press/media release

Attorney-General for Australia & Minister for Industrial Relations. (2019, December 5). Court reforms to deliver better outcomes for families [Media release].  Skip breadcrumbAttorney-General's Department.


Style manual

If you cannot find a specific example of what you are looking for, use the complete APA manual.

APA Style - Quick Reference Guide

Reference list abbreviations

(APA, 2020, pp. 306-307)




Revised edition

Rev. ed.

second edition   

2nd ed.

Editor (editors)

Ed. (Eds.)



no date


page (pages)

p. (pp.)

Volume (Volumes)

Vol. (Vols.)





Technical Report

Tech. Rep.