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Referencing guide: Works Cited - Location

Works Cited - Location

Author. Title of sourceTitle of container, Other contributors, Version, Number, Publisher, Publication date, Location.


The location of the cited work is medium-specific.

Printed works

For printed works, the location is usually indicated by the page number/s, paragraph numbers, etc. To specify a particular page number or a range of pages, simply precede the number/s with the letter p or pp, followed by a full stop. For works with non-consecutive pages, list the first page number followed by a plus (e.g. pp. 6+).


Beowulf. translated by Seamus Heaney, Faber and Faber, 2000, p. 17.

Hill, John, and Pamela Church Gibson, editors. The Oxford Guide to Film Studies. Oxford UP, 1998, pp. 35-36.


Online works

For online works, the location is specified by the URL (web address) or the DOI (Digital Object Identifier). URLs are subject to change unless the publisher of the work offers a stable URL or a permalink. DOIs remain attached to the work, even if the URL changes. Copy the URL from your web browser omitting the http:// or https://. 

Whenever possible, cite the DOI in preference to the URL.


Gordimer, Nadine. "The Idea of Gardening." The New York Review of Books, 1984,

Royle, Jo, et al. "The Use of Branding by Trade Publishers: An Investigation into Marketing the Book as a Brand Name Product." Publishing Research Quarterly, vol. 15, no. 4, 1999, pp. 3-13, doi:10.1007/s12109-999-0031-1.

Varnham, Sally. "University Constitution and Governance: Functions." Halsbury's Laws of Australia, Butterworths, 1991, updated 20 September 2013, par. [160-920],


Other works

For other works, give the actual location, e.g. 

  • for a physical object (not a reproduction online or in print), give the name of a museum or gallery and the city, e.g.

van Gogh, Vincent, The Starry Night. 1889, Museum of Modern Art, New York.

  • ​for a work that is part of a DVD/Blu-ray set, give the number of the DVD, e.g.

“Gray Matter.” Breaking Bad: Season 1, written, produced and directed by Vince Gilligan, episode 5, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2009, disc 2.

  • for an object in a museum or an archive, cite the number of the object, e.g.

Pheidias. "The river god Ilissos." The Parthenon Sculptures, The British Museum, London, 1816,0610.99.

  • for time-based media, give the relevant time or range of times in hours, minutes and seconds, separated by colons - as displayed by the media player, e.g.

Bragg, Melvyn. "Speaking Proper." The Adventure of English, 500 A.D. To 2000 A.D., Episode 6, Maxwell's Collection, 2004, 00:17:07.



Style Manual

If you cannot find an example for what you are looking for here, consult the MLA website, or the MLA Handbook (below)  

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