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Health & Medicine

Welcome to the Health & Medicine subject guide

This guide outlines specific information sources for students and researchers in the College of Health and Medicine. It helps you find relevant health databases, journals, books, and further information.



Getting Started

Research can be challenging. To build your confidence, begin with Getting Started in the Library, which will help you learn how to research well at the University of Tasmania. It includes information about key library services as well as explanations of important resources such as:


You will also benefit from visiting The Study Toolkit, where you'll find an excellent range of resources and webinars that teach you skills such as: note-taking, study strategies, reflective writing, search strategies, reading strategies, and referencing.

Books & eBooks

Books can provide you with a broad overview of a topic and are a great place to begin your research. You can learn how to find them in our library collections by referring to our Getting Started in the Library guide. For those who wish to physically browse our library shelves, our Health & Medicine book collection is primarily labelled with an "R" prefix


At a university library, a database typically refers to a searchable collection of online resources. These resources often include journal articles, electronic books, and audio visual content. Databases are either disciplinary (focusing on a specific subject) or multidisciplinary (covering many subjects). 

You can learn how to locate and search our journals by referring to our Getting Started in the Library guide. 

The Multidisciplinary resources tab lists key databases relevant for all health disciplines and are a great place to begin your research. In the other tabs, you will find additional and more specialised databases, including evidence-based practice databases. 


A journal, like a magazine, is published at regular intervals. It contains articles that focus on specialist topics within a discipline and is intended for scholars to learn about the latest research, news or opinions in a field of research.

You can learn how to locate and search our journals by referring to our Getting Started in the Library guide. 

Journal title abbreviations

Search for medical journals indexed in PubMed and ascertain the full journal name as well as the appropriate journal name abbreviation.


Referencing is a method of acknowledging the information sources used in a piece of academic work. It demonstrates that evidence has been used to support an author's conclusions, which is essential in academic writing. 

You can learn how to reference correctly by referring to our Getting Started in the Library guide. 

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