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Library Essentials Online (LEO) is a suite of video- and activity-based modules designed to help students find, access and use information at the University of Tasmania Library. 

There are 22 topics covered in LEO - all things students regularly ask the Library team. These topics are grouped into six modules. You can complete whole modules or just the single topic that's helpful to you right now.

However you'd like to explore it, LEO will give you answers, information and tips to get the most from your university Library.


At completion of LEO, you will be able to:

  1. Find and access library services and resources.
  2. Identify appropriate tools, strategies and processes for research.
  3. Apply tools, strategies and processes in assessment tasks.
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Module 1: Getting started in the Library

This module covers the basics: where you can access the Library and borrow items.


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Module 2: Where to find information

This module introduces the key tools you can use to find information in the Library.


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Module 3: Preparing to search

This module explains how to identify what you need to find.


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Module 4: How to search

This module explains the mechanics of searching.


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Module 5: Evaluating information

This module explains how to recognise and find publications that are appropriate for academic activities.


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Module 6: Citing & referencing

This module covers the very basics of referencing: why it's important and how it's done.


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Photo credits
Where to find information: Photo by Marcellino Andrian 
Preparing to search: Photo by Benoît Deschasaux on Unsplash
How to search: Photo by Pixabay
Evaluating information: Photo by Tara Winstead
Citing & referencing: Image by Alison Innes from Pixabay



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