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EndNote for Law (AGLC4)

How to set-up and use EndNote to create references according to AGLC4


Why are my citations formatted incorrectly?

Ensure that the style selected in the EndNote toolbar of your document is set to AGLC(UTS)

If your citations appear as text in curly brackets, eg {Creighton, 2011, #15@84} you are viewing the unformatted citations. In the EndNote toolbar, click on 'Update Citations and Bibliography' to restore formatted citation view.

The EndNote toolbar doesn't appear in Word

This is a common issue, usually caused when either Word or EndNote is updated.

If you installed EndNote but the toolbar has never appeared in Word: follow the instructions provided in the Clarivate Knowledge Base.

If the EndNote toolbar was there, but has now disappeared: follow the instructions provided in this article

Get more support

Inevitably you will have questions about EndNote that have not been covered in this guide. Our main EndNote libguide might contain the answer, see the link below.

For help related to interpreting or applying AGLC4 with EndNote, please contact Research Librarians have a lot of experience with EndNote and will be happy to assist you too: