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EndNote for Law (AGLC4)

How to set-up and use EndNote to create references according to AGLC4

Correct mistakes in EndNote references

If there is an error in your citation because it was entered into EndNote incorrectly:

  1. Correct the reference in EndNote, click away from that record and confirm that you want to save your changes
  2. From your document, click 'Update Citations and bibliography' from the EndNote toolbar
  3. All instances of the reference you changed have now been updated

If EndNote is not formatting your citation correctly, first check that the correct 'Reference Type' for the record is selected in EndNote. If the citation is still incorrect, you will need to either edit it manually by converting to Plain text, or edit the output style. If you are writing a single assignment or there are only a few incorrect citations, converting to Plain text is simpler, but note you will not be able to reconnect your document to your EndNote library once it has been converted.

To convert to Plain text:

  1. Create a backup copy of your document
  2. In the EndNote toolbar of your document, click Convert Citations and Bibliography >  Convert to Plain Text
  3. You will see a warning menu, click OK
  4. The new document will contain your citations and bibliography, but is no longer connected to your EndNote library. You can now edit citations as needed.

If you are writing a thesis, larger document, or use this particular type of citation format frequently, the output style can be edited to format your citations in whatever manner you need. For assistance with editing the output style, contact a Research Librarian.

Common problems when editing citations

  • Do not try to edit the text of a citation directly in Word, this may corrupt the code formatting the citation
  • Do not use delete or backspace to remove a citation you have created with EndNote. To remove a citation:
    • either right-click and select Edit Citation > More OR click 'Edit & Manage Citation(s)' from the EndNote toolbar
    • in the list of citations displayed, click the down arrow next to Edit Citation, and select Remove Citation