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EndNote for Law (AGLC4)

How to set-up and use EndNote to create references according to AGLC4

Create and organise the bibliography

When you add a footnote citation to your document with EndNote, an entry will be added at the end of your document to create a bibliography as you go. You may wish to insert a page break and 'Bibliography' heading before this list to distinguish the bibliography from the main text of your document.

The AGLC4 style requires that a bibliography be sorted in to the following categories:

  • Articles/Books/Reports
  • Cases
  • Legislation
  • Treaties
  • Other

You can create bibliography categories in EndNote to organise these categories for you.

  1. From the EndNote toolbar, select Categorize References >  Configure Categories

  2. In the top left corner of this window, click the +  next to Category Headings to add a new category

  3. Type in the category title and press enter. Repeat to make more categories.
  4. In the left sidebar, select Uncategorized References
  5. From this list, drag and drop references onto the category heading to assign them to that category.
    • to select multiple references in a row, click the first reference, hold down Shift, click the last reference and release Shift
    • to select multiple references that are not in a row, click the first reference, hold down Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) while clicking each individual reference, release Ctrl/Cmd once you have selected all the references you need
  6. Click OK. Your bibliography is now sorted into the categories you have created.
  7. Once you have created these categories, any reference that has not been assigned a category will appear in the bibliography under the heading 'Uncategorised'

Add sources to bibliography without a citation

The AGLC4 requires that a bibliography list "all sources that were relied upon (not only those referred to in the text and footnotes)" (Rule 1.16, p33).

To add a reference to your bibliography only:

  1. Place your cursor in the main text of your document (ie not in a footnote or the bibliography)
  2. From the EndNote toolbar, select 'Insert Citation', find and select your reference
  3. Instead of clicking 'Insert' as usual, click the down arrow next to Insert, and select 'Insert in Bibliography Only'
  4. Your reference should now appear in the bibliography. You may need to assign the reference to a category in EndNote (as above)