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Research Data Management

This guide will assist you to store and manage your research data throughout the research data lifecycle, from planning to publishing!

Richly Described Data is Findable, Accessible and Useful 

'The metadata accompanying your data should be written for a user 20 years into the future ... Prepare the metadata for a user who is unfamiliar with your project, methods, or observations.' Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Distributed Active Archive Center

How to guides for creating high quality metadata

How do I describe my dataset in Research Data Portal (RDP)?

Use the Research Data Portal (RDP) metadata element guide below to richly describe your dataset.

  • Title of Dataset 
    • unique (not the same as grant or publication title), descriptive, use keywords, plain English, no acronyms, max 80 characters
  • Dataset Key 
    •  default unique RDP identifier
  • Dataset Description  
    • describe the dataset and provide context,  use plain English & discipline specific language, no acronyms.  Include:  subject and keyword terms, specific data collection & processing information, methodology used and any provenance information which would help someone replicate findings, time frame and location details, file/ object types 
  • Storage and File details
  • Field(s) of Research 
  • Socio Economic Objective
  • Additional Keywords 
    • free text/ discipline specific vocabulary
  • Time period for data 
  • Where data was collected 
    • geo-location information 
  • Data Creator 
  • Data Co-Creators 
  • Data Administrator 
  • Administering Unit 
    • UTAS Unit drop down menu
  • Email of contact person for data access
    • UTAS email addresses only 
  • Level of access to data 
    • Open, Mediated, Closed drop down menu
  • Creative Commons Licence 
  • Rights Statement
    • free text statement 
  • Unique Identifier
    • DataCite DOI via ARDC DOI minting service, see DOIs for Datasets
      • Open published datasets - DOI automatically minted when open dataset is published
      • Mediated published datasets - DOI automatically minted when mediated dataset is published

Related Information

  • Associated publications
  • Funding project or grant -
    • search, find and link the dataset to the funding project or grant in the Web Access Research Portal (WARP)
  • Supplementary files 
    • upload additional files or link to a third-party site (i.e. external repository). Supplementary files are not part of your dataset, they might be relevant methodology PDFs etc
  • Online resources
    • Link to associated online resources (i.e. data services, third party repositories) 

See Manage your research data for more RDP metadata guidance  (Intranet) 


Need assistance? 

Download the Metadata guides on Manage your research data   (Intranet) 



Research Data Portal (RDP) published dataset metadata examples

Open Access 

Montgomery, J (2019) Data from: Integrating Continuous Differential Evolution with Discrete Local Search for Meander Line RFID Antenna Design.

Magierowski, R, Wild, A (2019) Data from: MCAS-S Datapack for Alpine Bogs of the Australian Alps Bioregion.

Clements, N (2021) Data from: Clements Compendium: PDF database of attacks on and by Aborigines in southeast Tasmania.

Mediated Access

Wells, T, Meffre, S (2019) Data from: Compiled Geochemical data from the Northparkes porphyry district (1990-2019).

Search Research Data Australia for examples of metadata records in your field of research