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Research Data Management

This guide will assist you to store and manage your research data throughout the research data lifecycle, from planning to publishing!

Fundamentals of Research Data Management


What is Research Data?

Any information or measurement collected, recorded and used during your research project (including hand-written notes, submitted questionnaires, spreadsheets, photos, videos, and interview transcripts and recordings). 

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See What is Research Data guide - Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) 


What is Research Data Management?

Managing your research data involves planning and taking steps throughout the Research Data Lifecycle to ensure that your research data is created, stored, and shared to comply with policies and to maximise impact. Before commencing a research project you will need to create a Data Management Plan that articulates how you will manage your research data.

Need more information?

See Data Management guide - Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) 


Research Data Management at UTAS
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