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Research Data Management

This guide will assist you to store and manage your research data throughout the research data lifecycle, from planning to publishing!

Who owns my data?

The University of Tasmania Intellectual Property (IP) Policy point 2. Ownership and assignment states,

The University owns all intellectual property, research data, and primary materials created by an employee (excluding copyright material in scholarly works) in the course of their employment duties or where there is some other legal basis for ownership.

Intellectual property (IP), research data, and primary materials created by a student (except in new plant varieties) is owned by the student, subject to any agreement by the student to assign that IP.

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Collecting or using 3rd party data, 

Assume all datasets or data collections are owned and in copyright.

You will need to identify the data's intellectual property owner and, if the data is unlicensed, seek permission to use the data.

Open data owners usually assign a Creative Commons Licence which tells the user how the data can be re-used. 

For further advice contact the UTAS Copyright Officer