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Research Data Management

This guide will assist you to store and manage your research data throughout the research data lifecycle, from planning to publishing!

LIcences for Data Re-Use

Copyright and licensing research data

In Australia, copyright is automatically applied on creation of a work, it applies to published and unpublished content. 

  • When reusing a 3rd party dataset or data collection the best policy is to assume a dataset is copyright protected. 
  • Defining permissions, terms, and conditions for reuse of data lets prospective reusers know exactly what they can, and can't, do with the dataset or data collection.

Assigning a Creative Commons licence to a dataset, or data collection, is a simple way of letting people know how they can use your data.  

Assigning a Creative Commons Licence to your dataset does not mean giving up your copyright. It means permitting others to reuse your outputs under clear conditions. 

How do I assign a Creative Commons licence to my dataset?

It is free to assign a Creative Commons licence.

When should I assign a Creative Commons Licence to my dataset?

Preferably assign a Creative Commons licence when your dataset or data collection is created. 

  • When you store and publish the data in the Research Data Portal or the IMAS Portal
  • When you deposit in a external research data repository (e.g Figshare)

Your Research Librarian can also help guide you through the process if you get stuck.  

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