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Research Data Management

This guide will assist you to store and manage your research data throughout the research data lifecycle, from planning to publishing!

 Research Data Portal (RDP) publishing rules

  • Once a dataset in RDP is published and assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) it cannot be revised.
    • Each new version of a dataset published in RDP will result in a new DOI  
    • Amendments to the dataset should be managed through data versioning.
  • RDP datasets can only be published when,
    • All mandatory dataset metadata elements (marked with a red asterix) are complete
    • Level of access chosen is either Open or Mediated
    • It is strongly recommended that all associated Related information (i.e. associated WARP publications) is linked to the RDP dataset record before selecting to Publish the RDP dataset

See Manage your research data for more information (UTAS staff access only) or email

How do I publish a Research Data Portal (RDP) dataset? 

To publish the RDP dataset

  1. Select the Publish button 
  2. Once the Publish button is selected an alert will appear asking you to confirm the dataset can be published
  3. Read and confirm the RDP dataset can be published to the public RDP interface
  4. Select the Publish button on the alert message to publish the dataset to the public RDP interface.

See Manage your research data for more information about the Research Data Portal (UTAS staff access only)

Research Data Portal (RDP) published dataset examples

Open Access 

Montgomery, J (2019) Data from: Integrating Continuous Differential Evolution with Discrete Local Search for Meander Line RFID Antenna Design.

Magierowski, R, Wild, A (2019) Data from: MCAS-S Datapack for Alpine Bogs of the Australian Alps Bioregion.

Clements, N (2021) Data from: Clements Compendium: PDF database of attacks on and by Aborigines in southeast Tasmania.

Mediated Access

Wells, T, Meffre, S (2019) Data from: Compiled Geochemical data from the Northparkes porphyry district (1990-2019).

See Research Data Australia for examples of published datasets in your field of research