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Library Skills for Research

Introductory Guide for Graduate Certificate Research

Module Three: Manage Information 

This module provides guidance on how to organise your references and research literature. Specifically, it covers how to choose a reference management programme. 

EndNote is the programme currently supported by UTAS, so a practical guide oEndNote Basics  is included here. 
This covers:
  • Creating and organising a database of references
  • Changing reference styles 
  • Inserting citations (references) into a Word document

You will find a quiz at the end of the Module to test your understanding.  

Choosing reference management software

Referencing software should integrate with your research reports and dissertation for citing literature and with your workflows to make life easier. When contemplating a reference management software for storing references, which factors below are important to you in your choice of software?


  • Can you get the software for free?
  • Does UTAS have an institutional license for the software?
  • Do you get all the features needed with a free version than what is offered with a paid license?
  • Do you need the same software for sharing your references with your supervisor, or for collaborative research?
Support and Training
  • Can you get local assistance in using the software?
  • Have you used a reference management software before with which you are already familiar?
  • Does the software work on your computer or device and compatible across different types of devices?
  • Can you access your stored references from alternative computers and devices?
Word Processor
  • Does the software work with your word processing software or method of creating documents?
Software Compatibility
  • Will the software allow references to be used with other programs, such as Covidence?
Adding References
  • Can you transfer references from research databases, Google Scholar, and library catalogues?
Access and Storage
  • Where are the references and associated .pdf documents being stored?
  • How do you access these files?
  • How much storage space are you allocated?
  • Are you able to add new referencing styles, or edit referencing styles?
  • Are you able to change the layout of the screens to suit your needs?


Comparisons of softwares

There are many reference management products available.


UTAS has a site licence for EndNote. Download EndNote.
Learning and Research Librarians offer introductory face-to-face workshops for EndNote. See: Workshops calendar. For those off campus, our EndNote subject guide provides tutorials, short manuals and helpsheets.


UTAS has an institutional licence for Mendeley

  • You get 5 gigabyte of personal space and 20 gigabyte of shared space.
  • Also, an unlimited number of shared groups.
  • Use your UTAS email account to create your Mendeley account.
  • If you have an UTAS login for Scopus or Science Direct databases, use Sign In.
  • Or Create account using your UTAS email address.

Links to comparison websites


Module Three Quiz

Tip: If you wish to re-take the quiz, please clear your browsing data beforehand.

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