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Library Skills for Research

Introductory Guide for Graduate Certificate Research


Welcome to the Library Research Skills guide, which has been created for Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates enrolled in the Graduate Certificate for Research. 

The guide includes the following modules:

At the beginning of your candidature, we recommend that you complete the four essential tasks in Library Services Essentials below, and then review Modules One to Three. Once you have had an opportunity to review the content of the first three modules you can download the Library Checklist and contact one of our Learning and Research Librarians for an appointment. If relevant to you please review the final Modules at any time.

Library Services Essentials 

Here are four essential things to do once you have enrolled for the Graduate Certificate in Research:

  1. Get a student ID card : this is also your library card 
  2. Create an ORCID
  3. Decide how you will manage your research literature and references 
  4. Contact the Learning and Research Librarians with any questions 

The short videos below show ways to contact the Learning and Research Librarians, where to find the research guides, and how to book a workshop.

A full transcript is available under each video. 


Online Orientation to the Library

Below is a video about the Library's webpage with a focus on what is available For Researchers.

It also provides details about our Research Guides which identify a range of specialised Library services, resources and databases for HDR Candidates and University researchers.  

[2.22 mins]

Please note! The Bonus+ Service mentioned in the video is no longer available as of May 2021.

Contact the Learning and Research Librarians

The Learning and Research Librarians are a team within the library dedicated to supporting HDR candidates. Librarians can help you right throughout your research degree – from guiding you in finding and accessing key literature for your lit review, to managing references and research data, through to preparing your research identity and measuring the impact of your research output.

Ask us for help!

Research Webinars

Webinars and workshops on research topics are regularly run online or on our main campuses. Below is a video on how to register for a library workshop.

[1.59 mins]