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Systematic Reviews for Health: Online Tutorials

A guide on how a Research Librarian can help you during a systematic review process

Online Tutorials

Systematic Searches (Yale University)

This series of tutorials on searching for systematic reviews has been developed by The Yale University's Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. The goal of these tutorials is to ensure that your search is comprehensive, methodical, transparent and reproducible, so that your conclusions are as unbiased and closer to truth as possible. Topics include building search strategies, using filters and finding grey literature.

Coursera Course

The Johns Hopkins University offers the online course Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

It covers how to formulate an answerable research question,define inclusion and exclusion criteria, search for the evidence, extract data, assess the risk of bias in clinical trials and perform a meta-analysis.

Check out the Coursera website for more details and the next course offering.

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