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Research Identity

Tools to manage, track and report your Research Identity

What is Google Scholar Citations?

Google Scholar Citations provides a way for you to group all your publications that are indexed by Google Scholar. This enables others to find them easily when searching by author name, and helps calculate citation metrics.

Setting up a Google Scholar Citations profile provides access to your citation metrics, boosts your discoverability via a public profile, and allows you to manage your publication list.  As there are no unique Author IDs used, it is up to researchers to check whether the articles attached to their profile are theirs. You can configure Google Scholar to automatically add publications or you can choose to manually review and add publications.

n.b. You can only set-up a profile if Google has indexed one of your publications.

Build your Google Scholar Profile

Create or Sign in to your Google Account

Create your Profile

Sign in to your Google Account, go to Google Scholar, and click on 'My profile':


Update your profile details.


Add publications to your profile.


Add more publications to your profile

Click on the 'Add' icon to add more articles, enter article citations manually, and configure article updates.

Add your Google Scholar Profile to WARP and ORCID

Add your Google Scholar Citations URL as a 'Website' and add in your 'Preferences Update' in WARP.

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