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Research Identity

Tools to manage, track and report your Research Identity

Research Activity Identifier (RAiD)

Research Activity Identifiers (RAiDs) are persistent identifiers for research projects, that allow users to manage projects that span multiple collaborators, institutions, datasets, outputs and more.

A RAiD will integrate with the Australian Research Data Commons, and also connects to your ORCID.

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Trove People Identity Record

Trove’s People and Organisation function groups various contributor records for the same person or organisation into an identity record. Each person or organisation record displays a citable persistent identifier allowing users to refer to that person or organisation in perpetuity. It allows users to discover, in a single place, biographical and other contextual information about Australian people and organisations as well as related resources by and about them.

Trove's People and Orgainsation is informed by the People Australia project which has created a number of services and is enriched through collaboration with a wide range of services providing access to information about significant Australians.


Other Researcher Profile Services

A variety of social networking sites are available for researchers to create public profiles to attract interest in their work, publications and skills.  Some of those currently available are identified below.  Be alert to the Terms and Conditions of each site and your responsibilities.