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STEM Communications Unit

Doing a literature search requires you to work through a process which:

  1. starts with you Understanding what the Task is asking you to do
  2. Doing some exploratory searching for some background reading which introduces you to the topic, gives you an overview of the key issues & ideas, and  coming up with a Research Plan outlining which ideas / issues you want to explore
  3. Doing an in-depth Literature Search of the ideas / issues you want to focus on & do some Critical Reading to gather evidence to support your focus area/s, and Taking good Notes
  4. Communicating your ideas to the audience and in the format set by your task by organising & writing up your ideas (what these mean in relation to your topic)
  5. applying Academic Conventions to your assessment task

The tabs on the left will lead you through the process you need to follow, and contain resources that will help to work through each step in the process.