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Research Impact

Explains bibliometrics, identifies sources of impact data and describes how to ascertain and maximise your own research impact and use the data for promotions, grant applications etc.

Measure Your Research Impact

Advice and tools for measuring research impact related to publications:

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Find more about metrics on publications and data:

Source list of publications from research databases

Publishing in articles and conferences that are indexed by major research databases helps your research to be discovered and be cited by other researchers.

Altmetric bookmarklet

Reading a paper and want to find out its Altmetric details? Install the free bookmarklet for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

When you're looking at the paper, simply click on the Altmetric bookmarklet to see if it's been mentioned in Twitter, on FaceBook, in a news outlet, on a blog etc. This will work for:

  • papers in PubMed, arXiv or pages containing a DOI
  • any publishers who embed Google Scholar friendly citation metadata on their pages by default.  They're adding support for others and you can hurry along support for a particular journal by asking @altmetric for it on Twitter
  • [Twitter mentions] for articles published since July 2011

See the FAQ for more information.

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