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MegaSearch Troubleshooting: Home

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I'm unable to download PDFs

Page UnavailableIf you are presented a blank page or HTTP Error 400 not found you may need to clear your cookies. This is a common problem with Chrome. 

To do this: Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of the Chrome Browser. Go to 'More Tools' --> Clear Browsing Data.


Ensure that:

Time Range says 'All Time'. 

'Cookies and other site data'  is ticked

'Cached images and files' is ticked. 

Click Clear data

Please contact us if you are experiencing this problem with other browsers

Error Code 103: unable to validate your login credentials

If you receive an error that says 'We are unable to validate your login credentials' you will need to access MegaSearch using this link:

This is a temporary website error that will resolve itself within 24 hours. If you experience this error after Saturday 3rd September, please reach out to us at

Guest Login Access

If you can see the Guest Login in a grey bar at the top of the screen, please ignore it! We are exploring ways to turn this feature off. You only need to authenticate when accessing the full text of the article. 

Other issues?

If anything else weird is happening, please  reach out to with screenshots so we can investigate.