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Streaming Media


ClickView provides access to thousands of videos for higher and further education. It contains:

  • Over 2000 video titles from around the world
  • Easy access to current and contextual recordings from 18 Australian free-to-air TV channels. 
  • Easily embedded videos within MyLO
  • Ability to curate collections into 'Libraries' for courses or topics

Creating an account:

Login to with your UTAS email address:


You will be redirected to login via the UTAS sign in page:


Staff members have extra tabs that students are unable to see. These tabs are 'Exchange' and 'TV'. The Exchange tab allows you to search for videos (some interactive) that other institutions have used. The TV tab contains a recording service that allows you to go back in time up to 14 days and choose from thousands of television programs recorded from 18 free-to-air digital channels. These can then be made visible to the students by requesting that they be added to a 'Library' - see details below.


ClickView exchange: 

Not only does the ClickView Exchange  provide access to view free-to-air and self-published content uploaded by other ClickView schools.  It also allows teachers to contribute videos which are either from broadcast tv, their own videos or flipped lessons. Videos on the Exchange are accessible to all ClickView users. 

ClickView has a manual on how to navigate the Exchange


TV regions:

When selecting the TV option for the first time, you will be prompted to select your region. Tasmania is yet to be a standalone region for local news. Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia provide 2 week coverage to programs before they become inaccessible. However, the Queensland region covers 4 weeks. You can change your region after setting it.

To change the region: 

Go to the TV section and click on Region. Click on the Region top right hand side. Change to region of your choosing.


ClickView has a TV user manual with detailed instructions for using this product. 

Adding titles to UTAS Video Library

You can add a video from Exchange or your workspace to the UTAS Video Library. Navigate to a video and click on 'Add to your library'. A dialogue box will pop up so you can suggest which Folder it should be assigned to. You can also add notes for the Administrator who will be sent a notification to add the video. The Administrator will then make the video available in the UTAS Video Library. 



The ClickView library contains videos on a variety of subjects This can be seen under the libraries tab. The workspace tab allows content to be uploaded into your own personal space and to download videos. You can also create playlists 


The UTAS Video Library contains materials that have been curated by University of Tasmania Staff. The library is divided into Colleges. Subfolders can include general topics for a particular College or by Unit Code. The 'General Interest' tab contains collections not related to a College. 

If you have an questions about the sorting of these collections please contact Acquisitions & Access