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Referencing and assignment writing: Citing previously cited work

Citing previously cited work

Continued reference to the same work

Once you have indicated which edition of a primary text you are using, you may supply subsequent page references, in brackets following the quotation, in the body of the assignment.

Once a secondary source has been fully detailed in a footnote or an endnote, there is no need to repeat the entire note in a subsequent reference. Shorten it. In the case of a book, use the author's last name and the book's title, which may itself be shortened, followed by the relevant page number.

13 Levine, The Battle of the Books, 143 or 10 Levine, Battle, 143.

Serial articles: Include the author's name, the title of the article, which may be shortened, followed by the relevant page number.

14 Ray, "Reading Women", 424.

If you want to refer to the same work and page number in the next note, use the Latin Ibid.

15 Ibid.

For the same work with a different page number:

16 Ibid., 480.

It is better to avoid older conventions such as "loc cit." and "op cit." in favour of those given above.


*For more examples, refer to pp. 604-605 of The Chicago Style Manual, 15th Ed., 2003.

Style manual

The referencing recommendations in this guide are based on the Chicago manual of style. 15th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003. Please refer to Chapters 16 and 17 of that manual for further examples.

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