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Referencing and assignment writing: Citing brochures, pamphlets or leaflets

Citing brochures, pamphlets or leaflets

Brochure, pamphlet or leaflet

(refer Snooks, p. 196-7, 201)
If date is uncertain place a ? after the date.  If the date is unknown use the abbreviation n.d. in place of a date.  Also provide a descripton of the document type in normal typeface after the title, e.g. pamphlet.


In-Text:                     (Abbott Diabetes Care 2009?)

References:            Abbott Diabetes Care 2009?, What is diabetes?, pamphlet, Abbott Diabetes Care, Doncaster, Vic.



Methods of citation

If you cannot find an example for what you are looking for then use: Chapter 12 'Methods of citations' from Snooks (2002)

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