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Research Data Management

This guide will assist you to store and manage your research data throughout the research data lifecycle, from planning to publishing!

Who can use the Data Management Plan in RDP?

  • UTAS Researchers
  • UTAS Higher Degree Candidates 

How do I login and create a Data Management Plan in RDP?

  1. Login to the Research Data Portal using your UTAS credentials (username and password)
  2. Choose Setup your project
  3. Choose Create Data Management Plan
  4. Follow the prompts to complete your Data Management Plan 
  5. Choose Export to print your Data Management Plan
  6. Choose Edit to amend/ add to the plan as your research project progresses

Note: You will need to enter your own, and collaborators ORCID Identities in the  "People" fields  in RDP. See the ORCID Identity research guide if you need to create or find an ORCID.

Need help? 


See Manage your research data  (Intranet) 

What do I include in my Data Management Plan?   

  • Who owns the data?
  • Who is the Chief Investigator? 
  • Who are co-creators?
  • Who is the data contact?
  • What University, Funder, Ethics policies will apply to the data?
  • What data will be created  (digital and non-digital)?
  • Where will the data be collected?
  • When will the data be collected?
  • What processes will be employed to obtain ethics approval to collect, store and possibly share sensitive data?
  • How will 3rd Party dataset copyright be managed and integrated? 
  • What methods will be used to collect the data?
  • What facilities and equipment will be required?
  • Where will the data be securely stored (digital & non-digital)?
  • How much storage space is required?
  • How long does the data need to be retained and how will it be disposed?
  • What programs, software, methods will be used to analyse the data?
  • What data file formats will be created?
  • How will you manage data files?
  • What metadata is required to make the data findable and useful to others?
  • Where will you publish the data? 
  • How will data sharing and re-use be managed?
  • What are the costs of managing the data (if any)?