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Open Access

Your guide to making your research outputs FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reuseable).

Open Access Repository (OAR)


What is the University of Tasmania's Open Access Repository (OAR)?

The University's Open Access Repository (OAR) is the central online location for collecting, preserving and publicly exposing the research outputs of the University for worldwide discovery and access. 

The OAR can provide information about impact.  Statistics, including Altmetrics and monthly downloads, are included on research output records in the OAR. 

The following item types are submitted on your behalf into the OAR:

  • ERA-eligible research outputs submitted via WARP (Web Access Research Portal)
  • Higher Degree by Research theses

Researchers and staff are encouraged to self-deposit grey literature and other works in the OAR if this will not affect their publishing strategy, . 

The OAR is managed by the Library and provides researchers with a Green Open Access route for their outputs, complying with the University's Open Access Policy and Australian funder requirements.  The Library performs copyright assessment on material submitted to the OAR to ensure compliance with publishers' polices.


Can I search within the Open Access Repository (OAR)?

The OAR is public and anyone can search or browse the repository, you do not require a Login user account.   

You can search content as a "Basic Search" or "Advanced Search" from the OAR homepage 


Browse the institutional Open Access Repository (OAR) for research outputs and special collections


How will others find content from the OAR?

The ePrints platform powers the University Open Access Repository enabling content to be easily discovered via Google and similar search engines. OAR is also harvested by other OA aggregators, such as CORE and Trove.


What can I find in the OAR?

You will find University of Tasmania research outputs including

  • ERA*-eligible published research outputs, since January 2017, that you have submitted via WARP
  • Higher Degree Research theses submitted via the University's Graduate Research Office
  • self-deposited:
    • grey literature (unpublished) outputs 
    • First Class Honours and coursework Masters theses 
    • published research outputs submitted to WARP prior to January 2017 

You will also find open items from our University Library Special and Rare Collections

*Excellence in Research Australia 

My published research outputs are in WARP; do I need to self-deposit them in the OAR as well?

No, all ERA-eligible research outputs submitted to the Web Access Research Portal (WARP) after 1 January 2017 are  automatically pushed to the University's Open Access Repository.

NB. Research outputs submitted to WARP prior to 1 January 2017 or non-eligible for ERA will continue to be accessible in the eCite Digital Repository.

What is the best browser for viewing OAR statistics? 

Use Firefox browser to view item record statistics.