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Research Identity

Tools to manage, track and report your Research Identity

What is Publons and ResearcherID?

Publons is a free-to-use database where you can review the profiles of researchers and find potential collaborators in your field. Your Publons Profile allows you to build and manage your Web of Science ResearcherID and keep track of all your publications, peer reviews, and journal editing. 

n.b. Citation metrics will only display for Web of Science publications.

Build your Publons profile & Web of Science ResearcherID

Get started

Update your Profile

You can add affiliations, variant publishing names, adjust your visibility, privacy and notification settings.


Connect to ORCID, Google & LinkedIn

You can connect your ResearcherID to your ORCID, Google and LinkedIn accounts from the Account settings in your Publons Profile. Click on the Connected Accounts tab and select “Connect” for the desired account type. You will then be prompted to login to that account for authentication.


Add publications

Go to Import publications and select one of the following options:

  • Import from Web of Science (add all 'Alternative publishing names' in your profile to improve the search results)
  • Import from ORCID (you must first connect your profile to your ORCID account)
  • Import by identifier (e.g. title or DOI)
  • Import by file upload (RIS, CSV, or BIBTEX files from WARP, Google Scholar, Endnote or other reference management software)

Quick Tips: 

  • Remember to import publications whenever you publish a new paper.
  • You can allow Publons to automatically update your ORCID record. From the Settings menu, go to Permissions, then ORCID settings and click on both GRANT PUBLONS PERMISSION TO UPDATE options.

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