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Library News: Inveresk FAQs

New Library at the Inveresk Precinct



When is the new Inveresk library opening?


The new library will be opening on the 31 January 2022


Will the Newnham library be closed?


The Newnham library will still be open going forward. As we prepare to move some of the collection to Inveresk, there will be some time when there is limited or no access to the Newnham library:-

  • Limited access - Monday 13 December - Monday 10 January - Level 2 of the Newnham library will be closed.

Level 1 will be available as a study space during this time, and books can be retrieved from Level 2 on request. 

  • CLOSEDMonday 10 – Friday 14 January - the Newnham library will be closed  while the collection is being moved. There will be study spaces made available elsewhere campus.

Can we borrow books during the move?


You can borrow books during the period of the move. The books that are moving to Inveresk won't be able to be borrowed while they are being packed up to move, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to get access to what you need.

  • Library staff will be able to retrieve books from Level 2 at Newnham while the floor is closed between the 13 December and 10 January. Please ask the staff at the desk and they will be happy to help you.
  • If we hold the item in another library you will be able to borrow it by placing a hold - see the How to Request tab for more information. The items will be sent to Launceston and  will be available to pick up from the Newnham Library hold shelf
  • You can request a scan of a chapter or article of a book at another location - Request a Scanned Copy
  • If you need something urgently, or there is no option to request from another of our libraries, please contact us and will do our best to source what you need


How can I get a book or pick up a hold in the week the Newnham Library is closed (10-14 January)?


We will have something in place closer to the time of the closure. Please check back here later in the year.


Which books are moving to Inveresk?


There are around 37,000 books being moved into the new Inveresk library. They are across all subject areas. (More to come!)

The AMC collection, and the majority of the Newnham collection, will remain in place at Newnham.


Where will the Reserve books be?


We will have Reserve collections in both Newnham and Inveresk. Required texts will be available in both locations.


If the book is at Inveresk can I still borrow it from Newnham?


Yes you can. You can request the item and ask for the 'pick up' location to be Newnham.  More information is available on the How to Request tab


What happens to the books that I have on loan?


You will still be able to return your books even while the collection is being moved and the Newnham library closed. Just pop them in the returns chute just near the front doors outside of the Newham Library. Don't worry if you can't get in though, we'll be extending all the loan periods until after the Inveresk library opens