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Visual Arts: Bookfacing

This introduces you to a reliable approach for finding information and identifies key library resources in the fields of visual arts

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What is Bookfacing?

According to, a sleeveface is the art of "obscuring or augmenting any part of [a person's] body with record sleeve(s), causing an illusion". A bookface is the same, but with books.

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Top 10 Bookfacers

"Untitled #999" by Hearman; features with Linda

Miller, S 2012, Dogs in Australian art: a new history of Antipodean creativity, Wakefield Press, Ken Town



Lucy and Lil Kim blow up doll by David LaChapelle

from LaChapelle, D 2006, LaChapelle : heaven to hell, Taschen, Köln.




Danny and “Amanda Lepore breast feeding” by David LaChapelle
from LaChapelle, D 2006, LaChapelle : heaven to hell, Taschen, Köln.


Bec and "Rancher Henry Pellascio"
from O'Doherty, B, Christo, Jeanne Claude, 2010, Christo and Jeanne-Claude : remembering the Running fence, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC.


Asha and “The Scream” by Edvard Munch
from Cross, E 2004, Edvard Munch : the frieze of life, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.


Joseph and Em and “Alta Nazimova and Rudolf Valentino”
from Woody, J 1987, Lost Hollywood, Twin Palms Publishers, Altadena, Calif.


Em and “Paper Hair” by Michael Thompson
from Freedman, D & Aletti, V (eds) 2005, Michael Thompson : images, 1st edn, H.N. Abrams, New York.


Christl and “Okochi Denjior as Tante Sazen” by Natori Shunsen

from National Gallery of Australia., Folan, L & Natori, S 2012, Stars of the Tokyo stage : Natori Shunsen's kabuki actor prints, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.


Jemima and “Workers, from Dhanbad,India, 1989” by Sebastio Salgado

from Salgado, S, Nepomuceno, E, Salgado, LW & Philadelphia Museum of Art. 1993, Workers : an archaeology of the industrial age, Aperture, New York.


Gillian and Muslim Afar girl

from Beckwith, C, Fisher, A & Hancock, G 1990, African ark : peoples of the Horn, Collins Harvill, London.


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