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Find and access theses from the University of Tasmania, other Australian universities and higher education institutions around the world.

International Theses

These are assorted library catalogues and indexes for collections of theses:

Requesting Theses

Ask Library to Borrow

Theses belonging to another institution are rarely available for loan but we will try to source the theses for you via our Document Delivery service (for eligible clients*).  If successful in our request, in most cases an electronic copy will be obtained - if the owning library needs to digitise the thesis for fulfilment, any additional costs will be negotiated with you.  Occasionally a print loan is the only option available.  

Ask Library to Purchase

If the Document Delivery request to borrow is unsuccessful, a Purchase Suggestion Form is to be be completed online, include additional information from the quote provided by Document Delivery staff. In most cases purchased theses will be added to the Library collection.

You may need to discuss this option with a Research Librarian.

Purchase it Yourself

  • United Kingdom Theses: via the British Library EThOs service. This service is open access and mostly free. 
  • American Theses: via Dissertation Express. The cost for 'PDF web download' is US $37.00; other formats are available via Dissertation Express. Please check currency convertor  for Australian dollar price.
  • European Theses: via DART-Europe