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Referencing and assignment writing: Citing secondary sources

Citing secondary sources

When you cite an author who refers to or quotes another author, this must be clearly indicated in the text.

Chambers (1983, p. 25) gives Whiteley's (1979) definition of emotion as 'a response to situations of one specific type ...'.


In this example, the reference actually used was Chambers (1983), not Whiteley (1979).


A reference list  entry must be made for Chambers, but can be made for  both items if it is useful to your reader.

References:        Chambers, PK 1983, Your emotions revealed, Lacrima and Ductule, New York.

References:        Whiteley, BC 1979, 'Emotional response', Brain Talk, vol. 2, no. 12, pp. 234-5. (optional at your discretion).


Methods of citation

If you cannot find an example for what you are looking for then use: Chapter 12 'Methods of citations' from Snooks (2002)

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